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Although this weak attempt at a website is a temporary facade for our website, it has been on our "to do list" since almost day one. The summer was crazier than we had imagined when we dreamt up the plan in the Fall of 2009 to open Wieners of Waterton. What a fun summer though! It was always exciting to see old friends walk through the door and just as fun to make new ones. And then when we saw people come back again and again we couldn't have been happier to know that the hot dog masterpieces you created, the sweet potato fries dipped in those delicious sauces (mmmm, wasabi ginger...), and the monstrous shave ice treats were making your Waterton experience just that much better.  We were shocked to see all of the awesome reviews our customers were leaving for us on Tripadvisor and Urbanspoon, thank you so much!

Get ready for Summer 2011 because it is coming quick. We've been working on a few ideas to keep things exciting and can't believe how fast the time is flying by until we open up again in May! Until then, stay hungry...
                                                                                                                                        -Max and Jon
6/27/2011 05:19:27 am

Prompted by positive on-line reviews, my wife, son, and I visited Wieners of Waterton on Saturday, June 25. Three epole, three different hot dogs -- the veveterian option, the quarter pounder, and the smokie -- all fresh, prepared to order, and with toppings to order. Their sweet potato fries were also exceptional. Reasonable price, great food, and prompt service on a very busy eveniong. We'll be back, and will recommend this place to anyone we know who is visiting Waterton.

Monica and Jose
8/3/2011 03:03:54 am

I spoted the restaurant on our way to park our car very hungry from a hike and I told my husband "I want to eat PERROS CALIENTES";
little did we know that not only we'll have the best hot dogs we've had in Canada so far but also "RASPADITOS" a refreshing treat that brought back so many childhood memories and on top of that, they spoke SPANISH!!! Who would've thought. We are going back next year, we so hope they'll be around.

7/19/2012 02:58:51 am

Found this link while searching Google, thanks

7/19/2014 12:54:51 pm

What kind of seedy, super spicy mustard do you use! It is amazing!


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