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Our first three customers of the season, with their free dogs!
It's a new season for Waterton, and here at Wieners of Waterton we are so excited to be serving up fresh, delicious food again for the Summer of 2011!

Wieners of Waterton opened the first day of May Long Weekend, and we had a great turnout.  To celebrate opening day, or first three customers got their meal on us.  The weather that weekend turned out to be beautiful, and the park was full of people looking to get a taste of Waterton early in the season. 

This year we have a few new items on our menu that we're pretty stoked about.  We still have our best-seller, the local All-Beef Smokie, made for us fresh by Back Country Butchers in Cowley.  We also still have the Nathan's Famous Quarter-Pounder out of New York.  We have our Anti-Dog for anyone looking for a meatless meal, made with falafel and topped with hummus, tzatiki sauce, and fresh veggies.  And of course we still have our sumptuous sweet potato fries with our homemade dipping sauces.

What's new?  This year we are excited to add to our menu: fried pickles, poutine, and kettle chips!

And one more thing: we're baking our own bread this year!  We bake our buns every morning and we keep baking them throughout the day.   It's a little extra work but the difference is noticeable....and it ensures that you get the finest, freshest food possible.

Hungry yet?  Stop by Wieners of Waterton this season.  We promise you won't be disappointed!

7/1/2012 07:46:49 pm

Nice Post about waterton dining option and there are many dining and snack options to choose from in Waterton Lakes National Park.

7/11/2012 02:43:32 pm

First time here at your blog and wanted to say hi.

12/9/2012 01:06:30 pm

Nice and thanks for sharing this post of waterton for all tarvelling lovers.


9/18/2016 11:13:33 pm

Hey Wieners!

My family and I ate at your place last October during a magical trip through the park. It was still warm and sunny, but almost all the people had gone home. In fact, almost all the restaurants in Waterton were closed when we arrived.

When you think of a hot dog stand in a park, it could be a lot of things. Yours was like an oasis in a food desert. The amount of care and pride you put into the food and the vibe made a huge impression. It was so cool to meet young people so engaged with creating something special - and doing it in such a stunning setting.

So thanks for the dogs, and thanks for inspiring us! We still talk about you every once in a while. "Remember Weiner's of Waterton? That was so awesome. I wonder how those guys are doing."

Just wanted to say hi. Hope you had an awesome summer!


3/10/2021 03:22:12 am

Graateful for sharing this


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